Becoming Sons and Daughters ~ Sermon by Heidi Baker

Worship creates a space for us to experience the tangible presence of our good Father.
God is calling his lost children home to a church that will be a loving family, not a dysfunctional one, but one that is safe and fun. He desires His people to step out of an orphan spirit, into the spirit of adoption so that we can live in the abundance of His house and have food to feed the hungry.

This sermon was preached by Heidi Baker on September 19th 2010 at Bethel church, Redding, California. People of Bethel love to have this women preach gospel in their services. You can buy this sermon from Bethel store. I have just collected the video and made it available for download if you love the sermon support the ministry by buying an original copy.

You can also buy the original video from Bethel store.
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