Waste It All (Still Believe) - Kim Walker-Smith (Chords/Lyrics)

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Kim Walker Smith Still Believe
Waste it all is a beautiful song performed by Kim Walker-smith in her latest solo album Still Believe. This song is written by Chris McClarney, Laura Rhinehart and Christa Black. The album was recorded live with a full band, including an orchestral strings section, during a night filled with radical worship for Jesus at the Cascade Theater in Redding, CA. The video posted below is official video released by Jesus Culture in their YouTube channel.

Album: Still Believe
Written by: Chris McClarney, Laura Rhinehart and Christa Black.
Singer: Kim Walker- Smith

Intro:  (C#m   E  A)
VS 1.
C#m              E                    A
Covered in shame, hiding my face
I owed a debt I could not pay
                  E                               A
Searching in vain, to fill my heart’s ache
I threw my worth away

G#m                           A
When I thought all was lost
E                                B
You saw me and You came to my defense
G#m                            A
This priceless gift You gave
             E                    B
Was not meant for me to hold

C#m         A                 E
I want to waste it all on You
                B                    C#m
I want to pour my heart’s perfume
        A                             E           
I don’t care if I’m called a fool
I’m wasting it all on You

VS 2.
Lifting my head, holding my face
Wiping my endless tears away
You unlocked my heart, whispering grace
How could I leave this place

Pre 2:
When I'm here at Your feet, I can hear You
All the voices fade away
I will spend all my days
Giving back the love You gave

chords:  ( C#m - B (build with intensity)
All for love and all for me
You gave it all for me to be
Alive in You and You in me
Lord I surrender
To Your love and to Your touch
And to the way You give too much
I’m too in love to not be all for You

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