Mahesh+Chavda+and+Bonnie+ChavdaMahesh Chavda being a person from Hindu background had a divine visitation from Lord Jesus Christ. He is married to Bonnie and both are into the Lords ministry. They are blessed with four children among which three of them had been into a critical case during the time of their births, but were miraculously healed by Jesus which makes them a blessing for their parents. I remember reading foreword's of one of the Derek Prince books which Brother Mahesh has written. He used to share a mantle under Derek Prince Ministry and also ministered along with him until Brother Prince has gone to be with the Lord. He along with Bill Johnson had ministered in Open Heaven's Conference during 2009.

He had seen dead being raised, deaf and mute being healed, many diseases like cancers have also been healed miraculously by Jesus Christ through Mahesh Chavda. He along with his wife also host a television show called "The watch". He also wrote many books which you can find in their online store along with audio messages and some beautiful sermons on DVD's.While I was just searching for their videos I got their interview in the Sid Roth show where they shares some of their experiences, I thought of sharing it here listen and be blessed.


To know more visit their official website you can find their blog articles, podcast, live TV and many more. If you want to download the above interview into your personal computer and share with your friends or relatives you can also do so by clicking on the download link.

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