glory cloud gold dust Bethel church reddingBethel Church at Redding,CA is one of the kingdom cultured churches of present generation. Headed by Pastor Bill Johnson who through his revelation took the church from Glory to Glory. This church is famous for many of its ministries, and one among them is BSSM which stands for Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. One of the student of BSSM namely Daniel Vogler in his blog has mentioned about a glory Cloud which appeared in the open heavens conference on 13th and 14th November 2011. 

According to him and few of the youtube comments I could know that the glittering substances stayed for few seconds towards the right side of the stage during worship. This  type of experience is not first for Bethel members, they often have gold dust to their hands, dresses and even diamonds do fall amidst them. One of the technical guys of Bethel church had put them under a microscope and found that they appear to be translucent but reflect a gold color , some are hexagonal in shape, sizes are extremely small for how big they appear to be. The person who took a video of this is Liviu Zoe. If you keep critics aside and believe it as true you too can see such manifestations. Below you could find the videos which were taken by Liviu Zoe.

You can also download this video from the below given link and share it with your friends. This is one of the most clear videos available on net, still their are many videos taken by few people who attended which you can get by searching in youtube. Nearly 800 to 1000 people attended this conference but only 150 people were able to see this glory cloud as many left because this happened at the end of the conference.

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