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HOLY HOLY is a beautiful song sung by Kim Walker in one of their live worship and finds a special place in Jesus Culture Albums. This song is included in their album Consumed which was released in 2009. In one of my previous posts I have posted "Oh Lord You are beautiful" which is a song from the same album. 

 Dm               Gm
Just one look on your face
  F                Am
Just one glance of your eyes
  Dm               Gm
My whole world is changed
  F                C
My whole world is changed

       Dm                Gm
All I seek, only to see your face
I don't wanna go anywhere without you God
       Am                 Dm
Without your presence Oh, let me see your face
The beauty of your holiness God
           F                Am
Take me in to the holy place

   Dm               Gm             
And only one word comes to mind.
   F             Am 
There's only one word to describe
     Dm                 Gm              
Only one word comes to mind,
      F              Am
there's only one word to describe

  Dm      Gm      F            Am
Holy, Holy! Lord, God, Almighty!
  Dm      Gm      F            Am 
Holy, Holy! Lord, God, Almighty!

 Dm              Gm         F         Am
There is no one like You, You are holy, holy

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