God Of Wonders-Third Day Mac Powell (Lyrics+Chords)

God of Wonders is a song written by Marc Byrd and Steve Hindalong. This song has many versions. The one given here is from "Offerings II - All I have To Give" a 2003 album by Third Day. It is sung by Mac Powell with Cliff and Danielle Young. The video song provided is from a live concert sung by Mac Powell. This song also finds its way into best worship songs ever collection. 

Intro: Dsus, Em7, C2
Verse 1:
  Dsus Em7   C2   Dsus    Em7              C2
Lord of all creation, of water, earth, and sky
   Dsus            Em7            
the heavens are Your tabernacle.  
  C2 Dsus      Em7    C2
Glory to the Lord on High!

Chorus 1:
   G                      D          
God of wonders beyond our galaxy,
   Am7   C2
You are holy, holy
  G                    D           
The universe declares Your majesty,
  Am7   C2
You are holy, holy

Bridge 1:
C2       Dsus, Em7, C2 2xs
Lord of heaven and earth (repeat)

Verse 2:
Dsus Em7          C2    
Early in the morning,   
Dsus        Em7     C2
I will celebrate the light
Dsus             Em7           C2     
And when I stumble in the darkness,   
 Dsus        Em7      C2          
I will call Your name by night

Chorus 1 
Bridge 1

Bridge 2:
Am7                    C2
Hallelujah, to the Lord of heaven and earth(repeat 2xs)

Instrumental: G, D, Am7, C2 2xs
Chorus 2:
G                             D            Am7   C2
God of wonders beyond our galaxy, You are holy, holy
G                                   D
Precious Lord, reveal Your heart to me
Am7      C2
Father hold me, hold me
 G                           D           
The universe declares Your majesty,
Am7   C2    Am7   C2
You are holy, holy, holy, holy
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