King's Seed is a powerful sermon preached by Brother Shyam Kishore of JCNM during one of his Sunday sermons. He says being poor is a sign of curse but not blessing. He also points of few of the wealthy men in both new and old testament like Abraham, Issac, Joseph of Arimathea etc. who were in the kingdom of God but still were wealthy when they were on earth. The beggar who used to beg near the gate of Lazarus as soon as dies and goes to heaven meets Abraham which confirms that Abraham is in heaven.

Even the disciples used to carry gold and silver with them because Peter and John when visiting the beautiful temple finds a lame person begging for alms for which Peter says gold or silver I have none but in the name of Jesus rise and walk. This shows that they used to have gold and silver with them. So Jesus in one of the scriptures also warns them not to take gold and silver with them but only go only with what they wear.

Just download this sermon and listen you will change your mind set. Almost all the sermons of brother are against denomination and religious views. He literally shows the doctrinal errors which have been followed by many churches. First three links provided are in flv format and the single link is in 3gp format for your mobile phones, iPhone's etc.

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