Jesus Culture is an upcoming band of radical lovers of Jesus Christ. This song The time has come is from one of their albums We cry out, sung by Mellisa Wise. Kim Walker, Chris Quiala, and Melissa How do an  incredible job as they usher this new breed of revivalists into the presence of God.

Song: The Time Has Come (Feat. Melissa How)
Album: We Cry Out (2008)

Verse 1:
Found love beyond all reason
You gave Your life Your all for me
And called me Yours forever
Caught in the mercy fallout
I found hope found life
Found all I need
You're all I need

The time has come
To stand for all we believe in
So I for one am gonna
Give my praise to You (Jesus)

Today, Today it's all or nothing
All the way
The praise goes out to You
Yeah all the praise goes out to You
Today, today I live for one thing
To give You praise
in everything I do

All we are is Yours
And all we're living for
Is all You are
Is all that You are Lord

In everything I do;
yeah, all the praise goes out to You

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