I have many friends sending me nice inspiring christian sms. I just thought to share few of them with my regular visitors. I will be posting more soon. You can use these messages to encourage your friends and family members by sending them sms, tweets or sharing in your social networking sites like facebook.

The phrase "don't be afraid" is written in The Bible 365 times. That's a daily reminder from God to live every day being fearless.

The Blood deals with what we have done, whereas the cross deals with what we are. The Blood disposes of our sins, while the cross strikes at the root of our capacity for sin.

To talk with God no breath is lost!
To walk with God no strength is lost!
To wait for God no time is lost!
Trust in God U'll never be lost!

Our sense of the grace of God, of our neediness in the face of his omnipotent love, is a true barometer of genuine spirituality and christian worship.

JESUS is an Anaesthetic and Thoracic surgeon - Gen 2:21
cardiac surgeon - Ezek 36:26
Ophthalmologist - Mat 20:34
Orthopaedician - Mat 15:30
ENT - Mark 7:32
Dentist - Zech 9:7
Neurologist - Mat 9:6
Dermatologist - Mat 8:3
Pediatrician - Mark 5:41
OBG - Psa 113:9
Physician - Psa 103:3
Ultimate Multi specialist

Switch yourself to prayer Altar, so that God can switch you to His mighty purpose.

God is no security against life's storms but a perfect security in life's storms..!

There are uncountable blessings from the LORD, but for us, to be saved is the richest one.

All Blessings are hidden in JESUS
J - Joy
E - Eternity
S - Strength
U - Unfailing Love
S - Source of Peace, Wealth of Wisdom
- Colossions 2:3

God is a shower to the Heart burned up with grief; god is a sun to face deluged with tears.

BIBLE is such a chemical it dilutes ur sorrow, evaporates ur worries, filters ur mistakes & U fill find crystals of Love, Joy, & Happiness.

"God never leaves you empty. He always replaces everything u lost! if He asks you to put something down, its bcoz He wants you to pick up something greater!!"

If GOD can move you from Jan 2 Dec He'll move you from shame to fame insult 2 result sorry 2 glory disgrace 2 grace labor 2 favor mockery 2 victory, so have faith in GOD.

A heartbreak is a blessing from God. it's just his way of letting you realize., He saved you from the wrong one.

The one who trusts and has faith in god's grace and justice, can never be disturbed by any situation in the world..!

God's blessings come as a surprise but how much you receive depends on how much your heart believes.

Sometime god closes all Doors & shuts all d windows. during those times, think that may b there is storm outside & He wants u to b safe!!!

satan will slightly twist the truth in order to make us fools and make us to follow him. so be careful. That is what it has done to our first grandparents.

Its easy to compromise when people are waiting for U to act. Determine that no matter the pressure, no matter the cost, no matter the delay, You act only when Your response honors God.Never compromise Your Integrity to satisfy others.

...if U want victory on failure, loss, depression, its only in the name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth, Amen..!

What ever you leave for god or for whatever you get ready to leave for the sake of god - You have assurance that you will not loose them. That is what you see in Abraham's life - He did not quit to offer his son as a sacrifice at the end we see that Abraham did not loose his son.

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