This song is one of my favorite worship song ever. This song is included in all time best worship songs collection in WOW. This song is sung by Kate Miner. She has a huge voice that she uses to great impact on her soaring pure, rock oriented worship anthems.  She employs the beautiful tone of her singing voice to bring intimacy to her soft worship poems. But now she sings no more hope she comes back even then lets pray for her happy life

Em                        D
Father God I wonder how I managed
to exist without the knowledge of Your parenthood
and Your loving care;
but now I'm Your son;
I am adopted in Your family,
and I can never be alone,
for Father God You're there beside me.

Em                         D
 I will sing Your praises,  I will sing Your praises,
C                         B        Em
 I will sing Your praises, forever more.

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