Hear the Sound is a theme song from the album Hear the Sound by Bonnie Whaley. She writes about the experiences of the making of this album in her website as follows "In the three days that this album was recorded there were many moments that God spontaneously ambushed us in His presence. There were times when we would get so caught up in Him that many of us either had uncontrollable joy, gold dust manifest on our hands, healing taking place, gold fillings appearing and more intimate encounters with Jesus. By the end of the three days we all came away more overwhelmed by Him than by the music we created." If you want to buy or know more about the album you can visit bonniewhaley.com

Song: Hear The Sound
Artist: Bonnie Whaley
Album: Hear The Sound
© Bonnie Whaley

I can hear the sound of His glory coming down
His glory going up, His glory all around
It’s the sound of heaven being released

Sounds of heaven
Sounds of joy
Sounds of freedom
Sounds of change

Your glory
You are glory
King of glory
Yes You are

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