Let it Rain is a beautiful song which is sung by Chris Quilala for Jesus Culture's fifth studio album, Come Away, which was recorded live at the Redding Center. Few of my previous posts included songs like Come awayOh Lord You are beautiful sung by Mellisa Howand My Soul Longs for You  sung by Chris and Kim-Walker Smith which are from the same album. This song really makes an intense feeling for God's presence to rain down.

Lyrics and Chords of Let it Rain
Album: Come Away
Singer: Chris Quilala

Intro: Em C G Cadd9 D

        C#m7            A
Let it rain,     let it rain
E                           B
Open the flood gates of Heaven  (repeat)

We feel the rains of Your love
We feel the winds of Your Spirit
         E                               B
Now the heartbeat of heaven, let us hear (repeat)


Amaj7     Bsus4      C#m7      Bsus4
Amaj7     Bsus4      C#m7      B/D#

          Amaj7                      Bsus4
We want to see You, show us Your glory
         C#m7       Bsus4
We want to know You more
         Amaj7                      Bsus4
We want to see You, show us Your glory
          C#m7       B/D#
We want to know You more

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