Obsession is a beautiful song sung by Chris Quilala for Consumed album which was released on 13th of July 2010. This song is actually from David Crowder Band. Even Martin Smith of Delirious version is also awesome. Below you can also find the video of David Crowder version of this song. 

Lyrics and Chords of Obsession Jesus Culture
Singer: Chris Quilala
Album: Consumed

Bm              A     G       Em7
What can I do with my obsession
Bm             A          G   Em7
With the things I cannot see
Bm             A         G   Em7
Is there madness in my being
Bm       A                G   Em7
Is it wind that blows the trees
Bm             A                       G    Em7
Sometimes You’re further than the moon
Bm             A                     G   Em7
Sometimes You’re closer than my skin
Bm         A          G           Em7
You surround me like a winter fog
Bm       A                        G   Em7
You come and burn me with a kiss

           G       A          D/F#
And my heart burns for You
           G       A          D/F#
And my heart burns for You

          Em7                 D/F#
Oh forever keep me burning
                  G                                       A
Keep me burning with the fire of Your love

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