The Israel Covenent is a sermon preached by brother Shyam Kishore of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Ministries  (JCNM) Hyderabad. This sermon was preached on 9th May 2010. Brother teaches that Grace of God unlocks some mysteries that takes us to an in depth level where we can know that God is so Gracious that we cannot comprehend His Grace. This Grace given by God can lead us to complete rest. If we don't  know the will of God from the Word of God then we are going to miss the revelation. Word of God is sure than any other thing even greater than the visitation of an angel from heaven. Word will teach us and take us to a level where we need to identify our daily life with the word of God. Word can also show us solutions to small to greatest problems of one's life. 

Why will people Praise God? because He is merciful. David praises because His mercy endureth forever. We should know the purpose of the prayer. Prayer which comes out of necessity  and need is not in accordance with God's will. If we don't know the mind and will of God we abuse prayer. Prayer should be generated from faith. There is much to know in this sermon just download it from the links given below.

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