Rushing waters is a beautiful song from You Are The Fire album by Dustin smith. Words & Music by Dustin Smith & Michael Farren. Dustin Smith has been positioned as a leader of today’s worship revolution. Along with being in revival, traveling, songwriting, & leading worship. With five albums under his belt in collaboration with his church, this is Dustin’s first live album as a solo effort. The project was produced by Michael Farren (Pocket Full of Rocks) and Kyle Lee (Michael W. Smith). Other collaborators include: Jennie Lee Riddle, Carl Albrecht, Stu G, and others.

INTRO: | A /// | F#m /// | C#m/// | E/// |

   A       F#m            C#m        E
Let us hear the sound of angels singing Holy, holy, holy is the Lord
A      F#m C#m      E
Let us see the saints and elders gathering in worship ‘round Your throne
A     F#m        C#m           E
There’s only one desire in the heart of Your redeemed
    A               F#m C#m      B
To step deeper in the place where earth and heaven meet
Oh hear us now

       A      E
With the sound like rushing waters
        A          C#m   B
We sing blessing honor and praise
        A       E
With one voice that rolls like thunder
A            C#m B
Every tongue will now proclaim 
          A               C#m        B     A  C#m       B
Our God Reigns!                   Our God Reigns!

Oh we long to hear the nations declaring You the Lord of everything
Every king and every ruler throwing down their crowns at Your feet
All majesty and power on the earth and up above
Be to the only God who was and is and is to come

Copyright©2011Dustin Smith Music (BMI)/ Word Music, LLC (a div. of Word Music Group, Inc.)

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