Jesus uses three inspiring stories to teach the power of faith. Jesus teaches that if our faith is only the size of a tiny mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible. Lord, I Believe combines three stories to teach the magnificent power of faith. In this video, Jesus is teaching His disciples through word and deed that nothing shall be impossible for those that believe in Him. In the beginning, a Roman centurion, Flavis, is imprisoning men who could not afford to pay their taxes, while Jesus helps those in need. Later, Flavis asks his servant, Licea, about the man named Jesus. Licea tells him that Jesus is the Messiah, Lord. Suddenly Licea, falls ill and collapses. A doctor tells Flavis that his servant will not live until morning, so Flavis runs to see Jesus and bows before Him asking Jesus to help his servant, his friend. Jesus says He will come and heal him.

The centurion says he is not worthy to have Jesus in his home, and if Jesus says it is so, then it will be so. Jesus speaks of the centurion's great faith and tells Flavis that his servant is healed. Flavis returns home to find his servant healed. They both rejoice and thank Jesus. This story ends with the centurion freeing those in jail. The next story is of a boy, Caleb, who is uncontrollable and possessed. A doctor says there is no cure. Joel, Caleb's father, tries paying many preachers to heal his child with no success. Joel does not believe that his son can be healed through preachers.

Next a scene of Jesus teaching his disciples appears. In this scene, Jesus tells Peter that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. Then Jesus sees a grieving widow woman with her dead son. Jesus places His hands on the boy and tells him to arise. He gets up, and the woman and the boy rejoice and praise Jesus. A scene of Jesus teaching His twelve disciples follows, and Jesus gives them the power to heal, cast out demons and raise the dead. He tells them to go and do as they have seen for no money; for that which was received freely should be given freely.

He reminds them that all things are possible to those that believe. Next, the story of the two blind men, Ben and Izzy, begins. It shows them making a doll for Joel's son Caleb and begging for pennies to eat. They do not receive any money, so they go to the house of Joel who gives them food. While they are eating some bread, Joel's wife, Corrine, runs home and tells of a Rabbi named Jesus that raised a boy from the dead, and that Jesus has given His powers to twelve of His disciples. Joel says he does not have any more money for preachers. Corrine tells him that these twelve do not take money.

They take Caleb to see Peter, one of the twelve disciples. Peter tries twice to heal Caleb, but the boy remains uncontrollable. Joel calls them fakes and leaves. The two blind men are searching for the twelve disciples also in hopes of being cured. A man takes them to Jesus who has just entered the city. Jesus asks them if they believe He can heal. They both answer with a definite yes. According to their faith, Ben and Izzy can see and begin rejoicing and praising Jesus. Jesus tells them to leave and tell no one of this miracle. After helping others in need, they go to the house of Joel. Joel questions them about how they can see, and they say nothing. Corrine recognizes that the miracle was from Jesus. As Jesus and His disciples were leaving town, Joel appears carrying Caleb and asks Jesus for help. Jesus says that all is possible for those that believe. Joel asks the Lord to help him in his unbelief. Jesus commands the evil spirits out of the boy and he is healed. Joel rejoices and thanks Jesus.

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