Thrahimam is a latest Telugu gospel album meaning "my soul cries out in thirst to the divine", produced by Impact Zone India. Thrahimam consists of 7 favourite 'Telugu Keerthanas' that are traditionally sung in churches across Andhra Pradesh. These 'Keerthanas' (Andhra Christhava Keerthanalu) are more than 50 years old and some of them have been around for more than 150 years since they were first sung. The cover photo for the album is a portrait drawn by Georgina Flood one of the finest artist from Dublin, Ireland. You can buy this album from Amazon or itunes. You can also order by phone by calling 040 - 49669630 or +91 9840787215. 


Music: 'Pranam' Kamlakhar
Choreographer: Kavitha Ramu
Dancers: Murugashankari Leo Prabhu, Pooja Ponram, Trishneela Barkakoti, Madhumanti Banerjee, Yogitha Dinesh and Aparna
Singers: Sudha and Revathi
Produced by: Impact Zone India

Track Listing:
1. Yahova Na Mora Sudha & Revathi
2. Thanuvu Naadidigo Sudha & Revathi
3. Maargamu Choopumu K. S. Chitra
4. Thrahimam Kreesthu Naadha (feat. Rita & Kalpana) Sudha & Revathi
5. Kreesthe Sarvadhikari (feat. Sai & Pavan) Sudha, Revathi, Ramya & Ramyasruthi
6. Jeevithanthamu Varaku  Sudha & Revathi
7. Randi Yuthsahinchi Paadudhamu (feat. Pavan, Sai & Ramya)

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