Godly-Wisdom-for-Prosperity-Jerry-SavelleMost Christians desire to prosper but so many lack the wisdom that is necessary to produce it. God's people are  destroyed  because  of  a  lack  of  knowledge.  Some don't even know that it is God's will that they prosper. On the other hand, some know that prosperity belongs to them but haven't realized the importance of using wisdom.

There  are  laws  that  govern  prosperity.  The aim of this book is to teach you how to apply God's wisdom for prosperity. You may have to go back to the basics in order to completely  understand Godly  Wisdom  for  Prosperity. You may say, "Oh, I already know all about prosperity." Well, is what you know working for you? The apostle Peter wrote in one of his letters,  "... I will  not  be  negligent  to  put  you  always  in remembrance  of  these  things,  though  ye  know them,  and  be  established  in  the  present  truth. Yea,  I  think  it  meet,  as  long  as  I  am  in  this tabernacle,  to  stir  you  up  by  putting  you  in remembrance" (2  Peter  1:12,  13). We should never forget the basics. If you have not been acting upon the Word as you once did, you should begin to do so immediately. You may be faced with a crisis and think, "Oh, God! I have to have a great, new revelation to get me out of this jam."

In Godly Wisdom for Prosperity, author Jerry Savelle will teach you how to:

Set Goals For Your Life
Meet the Conditions  
Seeking and Finding Wisdom
Finding Godly Wisdom Involves Work
The Need for Discipline
Find—Get—Lay Hold—Retain
Guidelines for Prosperity
Prosperity is Progressive  
Borrowing Money—Is It Wrong?
The Believer and Easy Credit
The Christian and Credit Cards
Get the Pressure Off and Your Word Level Up
Beware of Deception
Follow God's Instructions

About Jerry Savelle: Jerry Savelle is president of Jerry Savelle Ministries International, a ministry of many outreaches devoted to meeting the needs of believers all over the world. He is also the Founding Pastor of Heritage of Faith Christian Center in Crowley, Texas. In January 2006, Savelle appointed Justin Bridges as Senior Pastor. The senior staff now includes: Youth Pastor Jason McKay, and Administrator Lindsey Nichols. The missionary outreach of Jerry Savelle's ministry now extends to over 50 countries around the world. Jerry Savelle Ministries has offices in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Tanzania, and Canada. Savelle hosts a television show that can be seen worldwide on the Daystar television network.

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