Calling all angels is simple song inviting angles to worship the Lord. This song is a soft and melodious song sung by Brain Johnson for their album The Loft Sessions. This album features Brian and Jenn JohnsonJeremy RiddleSteffany Frizzell and other emerging artists. The Loft Sessions, is a refreshing and authentic worship experience where community and creativity collide. After refurbishing an old rustic loft, the Bethel Music team gathered friends and family for several nights of passionate worship that set the stage for this ground-breaking worship.

By: Brian Johnson, Joel Taylor

D          Bm
Calling all angels, calling the watchmen angels on the walls
to come and sing with us

G   A  Bm A/C# D
Hallelujah (repeat)

G          A      
Come sing that the Lord is good
Bm                A/C#
Come sing that His love endures

© 2011 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP)

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