I Really Love You is a spontaneous song by Brian and Jenn Johnson, for Bethel Music latest album for the sake of the world featuring Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, William Matthews along with Steffany Frizzell. This album captures the heart of a generation of worshipers ready to see heaven invade earth.

I Really Love You
By: Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson

C              F                                       C     
I really love You, I love You tonight/right now (repeat)

Lord your so powerful
Yes, we really love You, we love you Lord

And this is all about You
We love you right now, and this is not religion

Oh we soon will devour
This is a love song, with every fiber of my being I compose.

Because, I really love you(my strength and shield), I love you right now (my victory my strength)
Oh I really love you and I love you right now.

I really love you.
Yes I love you right now. (repeat)
You are my everything, You are my everything I love you right now (repeat)

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