Pastor Samuel Rajkumar Patta is a powerful, prophetic minister of the Word of God. As a young man he was radically born again and filled with the Spirit, and ever since the prophetic gifts have also been evident in his life. Despite being reluctant in the area of public speaking as a child, God has raised up Pastor Patta to be a strong voice, gifted and anointed to preach the Word of God with “signs following.”

One of the major foundations of Pastor Patta’s ministry and life is strong confidence, trust, and faith in the Word of God. After being amazingly healed of a severe asthmatic condition, his faith in God’s Word to heal all sickness and disease became a strong core belief. This has been a driving force in both his life and ministry and God has honored his faith with great increase. Bringing a culture of love, grace, faith and kingdom dominion, all are impacted by the words of this man of God, as he preaches with boldness and authority.

Planting a church in 1984, Pastor Patta began to travel, first to New Zealand and then the U.S. It was here in the U.S, he received the revelation that, through faith, God wants to bless, increase, and bring prosperity in every area of life through the promises of His Word. This life changing truth has greatly impacted Pastor Patta, The King’s Temple Church and many others as a result. In the year 2004, Pastor Patta returned to Hyderabad to help rebuild, restore and regroup the church, which had dwindled in numbers to just eighty people. God was not finished with the church; this was the dawn of a new era and a season of restoration.

Below are few sermons on restoration series in Telugu listen and be blessed.

Restoration - I (The God of justice) 2nd Jan Telugu

Restoration II (Emp-The power of God)  9th Jan Telugu

Restoration III( Gods Justice Demands Restoration ) Telugu 

Restoration IV ( Righteousness and Justification ) Telugu

Restoration V (An attitude of thankfulness) Telugu

Restoration VI (Get Involved) Telugu

Restoration VII (How to claim your restoration)  Telugu 

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