In life, we're always waiting for something—a dream to come to pass, a problem to turn around, or to meet the right person. In this message, Joel reminds us of the importance of waiting on God's timing. He'll teach you that instead of forcing things to happen, release it and trust in God's precise timing. With verses like Hebrews 4:3, "We who believe can enter his rest," you'll be reminded of the concept of not worrying, but trusting God and the pressure will be lifted. The moment you pray, God releases a set time for your answer.

“Trust God’s Timing,” was focused on the attitude that we display while we are waiting for God to answer a prayer. Joel used the examples of someone praying for healing, praying to find a spouse, praying for the return of a wayward child, or praying for promotion at work. Joel said that God has a “set time” for answering these prayers, and that once we have prayed about them we should feel confident that our prayers will be answered in God’s time and while we are waiting, we should concentrate on honoring God with our lives. Our God is not a random God but He is a precise god.

It is certainly the case that we must wait patiently upon the Lord and that what we consider to be perfect timing often does not match God’s plan for us. We really can trust our Heavenly Father to provide for us — with perfect timing!

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