Walk in the Promise is a beautiful song sung by Jeremy Riddle in The Loft sessions a Bethel Music album featuring Brian and Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, and other emerging artists.  “The Loft Sessions,” is a refreshing and authentic worship experience where community and creativity collide. After refurbishing an old rustic loft, the Bethel Music team gathered friends and family for several nights of passionate worship that set the stage for this ground-breaking worship.


Walk in the Promise
By: Jeremy Riddle
Bm          F#
Our souls wait in silence in rest and in quiet for You, Spirit
     Bm                       F#
In trust and dependence we walk in the promise of You, coming
Bm              G            A
With hope and healing in Your wings with fire and with wind
You fall on us again
Here we are waiting for this house to be shaken
For the boldness to carry Your name to the nations
Your signs and Your wonders to go now before us
        F#                     D
For the weight of Your glory to rest as we lift You up
   G                D      G
We lift You up     We lift You up      We lift You up
D    G  x4

© 2011 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)

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