Benny Hinn
It is God's desire for you to experience a supernatural anointing.

The Lord promised the same Spirit that rested on the disciples and apostles to fall upon you. With an increased urgency, the need has never been greater for believers to receive miracle-working power to help reach and touch an increasingly chaotic world.

More than ever, today's Christians are called to impact our world!
In this teaching you will discover:

* Two major keys for deepening your walk with the Lord
* How a greater anointing changes everything
* Specific ways the truths found in Psalm 89 can revolutionize your life today
* How God's power can multiply His highest purpose for your life

Greater Anointing, Higher Purpose by Benny HinnFilled with real-life testimonies, including several heartfelt pages from the author's past, tills teaching offers practical ways to walk in a greater dimension of faith and purpose during the exciting days ahead.

Pastor Benny shares: "It is my prayer that the Lord will use this booklet to bring you into a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. And because of God's touch on your life, I believe many will come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord as He reveals His highest purpose in your life."

Benny Hinn is the founder of the World Outreach Church in Orlando, Florida, and the World Healing Center in Dallas, Texas. His daily television program, This Is Your Day!, airs internationally and thousands gather at his monthly crusades. He has written several bestselling books, including Good Morning, Holy Spirit(over 1 million copies sold).

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