Holy Spirit is an awesome song from Here On Earth album by Bryan and Katie Torwalt. This song is sung by Kim Walker Smith in Passion 2013 conference in Atlanta. Passion 2013 conference has seen one of its largest gathering from the time of its inception in 1997. This conference kicked the New Year off in fine fashion as 60,000 college students flooded the Georgia Dome for four days of worship, prayer, teaching and rallying around the cause of modern-day slavery. This conference was held from Jan 1-4 with almost 18-25 years old being the majority of the gathering.

Verse 1
A                                                                        D
There’s nothing worth more, that will ever come close

No thing can compare, You’re our living hope
Your Presence

Verse 2
A                                                         D
I’ve tasted and seen, of the sweetest of Loves
Where my heart becomes free, and my shame is undone
In Your Presence

Holy Spirit You are welcome here
D                                            Bm
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your Glory God is what our hearts long for
D                                            Bm
To be overcome by Your Presence Lord

D           A/C#              Bm            A/C#
Let us become more aware of Your Presence
D           A/C#             Bm            A/C#
Let us experience the Glory of Your Goodness

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