Martin Smith
Song of Solomon is a beautiful song by Martin Smith which is included in the latest Jesus Culture album called Jesus Culture with Martin Smith. This album features Martin Smith along with Kim Walker, Chris Quilala and Jesus Culture team. This album is a dynamic partnership of voices who have helped shape a generation of worshippers. This song reveals the heart of God when his beloved walk in the valleys of darkness. He comes running to hold them tight, this song is so passionately sung by Martin Smith.

Over the mountains
Over the sea
Here You come running
My Lover to me
Oh, through the valleys
Through the dark of night
Here you come running
To hold me till its light

When I feel the cold of winter
And this cloak of sadness, I need You
All the evil things that shake me
All the words that break me, I need You

Do not hide me from Your presence
Pull me from these shadows, I need You
Beauty, wrap Your arms around me
Sing Your song of kindness, I need You
I’ll come running, come running, come running back to You

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