The song "I Am With You" by Calling Glory is recently released as a new radio single for their upcoming from EP "From Heaven To Earth" and also uploaded in their YouTube channel recently. Calling Glory is an independent worship band consisting of Dana Potvin, Jones Beene, Drew Crabtree, and Logan. The band's latest single "Don't Give Up" has reached #24 on Billboard Christian Charts and can be heard on K-Love, Air 1, SiriusXM (The Message) and numerous other Christian radio stations across the USA.

Song: I Am With You
Album: From Heaven To Earth
Band: Calling Glory

Verse 1
Before I begin I just want to say, that I love you in every way
You thought I had left you, you thought I had gone,
When I've been right here all along

But the fact is I remember, every little prayer you've said
And every tear you've cried, when you thought you were alone

I am with you in the night, I'm never that far right by your side
In the darkness and the light, I am with you, I am with you

Verse 2
And every time you feel you're far away
Not looking inside the humble arms of grace
I see that you're running I know that you're scared
But if you'd lift your eyes you would know I'm there

Oh you're not too far, that I don't see where you are
Even in the depths I am there
And if you'd come and call my name, you would never be the same
I want you to know that I care

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