Undone is a beautiful song from Elizabeth South's "I Love You" Album which is written by Elizabeth South herself and co-written by Billy Smiley. This album was released on February 25th 2013 and Elizabeth had posted a video song change in her official YouTube channel which already has 5000+ views and now she has shared one more song Undone which I have shared below along with the lyrics. This song was filmed as part of the Artsplosure Painted Piano Project and at Eno River State Park. In the description of the album it is mentioned as a different album from the rest of Elizabeth's albums, being inspired and dedicated to the elementary students she teaches. You would love to hear the songs.


Can you see the signs
Written on the wall
Can you feel the cloud on your back
Feels like dreams
Can you hear the sound
Thunder in the sky
Every time it closes in
Electric in the night

Can you feel the tears rolling down your face
Ever closer, ever further, lost within this place

Will you be the one
Come and set me free
Can you feel the sun
Something in the way you move me
Tells me that you won’t leave me left undone

Can you read my mind
I’m about to fall
Can’t wait forever have you
Left me here alone

I can feel the tears rolling down my face
Ever closer, ever further, lost in time and space

Will you love me as I am
Abandoned and alone
There’s no more time to waste
To find my way back home

©2012 written by Elizabeth South & Billy Smiley
from the "I Love You" album by Elizabeth South


  1. Hi Vijesh
    Thanks for sharing this song, Elizabeth has an awesome voice. Glory to God...


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