This I Know is a song from "The Essential Collection", released May 21 2013 great new song by David Crowder. This song is written by David Crowder and Seth Philpott. The music of the David Crowder Band brought to light the needs of a "whole new group" of worshipers, a group vastly bigger than the UBC community. Check lyrics and chords of this song below the video.
David Crowder


Writer(s): David Crowder , Seth Philpott
Recommended Key(s): C
Tag(s): Passion
Scripture Reference(s): Psalm 121

Verse 1
G               C                              F2                   C
  Up on the mountain where Your love captured me
           F2           C            G
Where finally I'm free, this I know
                C                             F2                      C
Up on the mountain where You taught my soul to sing
                 F2                      C               G
Amazing grace, the sweetest thing, this I know
       F2                               C        F2              C
And then, the storm rushing in and here I am again
This I know

              F                   C
Take me up to where I was
            F                     C         G
When I never wanted more than You
           F                     C
Lift me up to feel Your touch
   F                       C          G
It wouldn't be that much for You
         F      C  G
This I know
         F      C  G
This I know
         F      C  G
This I know
         F      C  G
This I know

Verse 2
Up on the mountain, where You took me by the hand
Taught me to dance again, This I know
Up on the mountain, where You took this heart of stone
Put life back in these bones, this I know

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