Show Us Your Mercy is a beautiful song from the album He who Has Ears by Day of Vengeance. Day of Vengence is a Band based in Bradenton, Florida which consists of Ben Greene, Joiash Huges, Phil Adams, Steven Spahn and Richard Tosch. They say their vision is to help bring a message of hope to a dying world through word, thought, and deed.

Show us your mercy in the light of your grace, oh God hear our cry.
How can this be that you chose me and gave your life for my eternity
You tore the veil, you made my way, Oh God may your name forever be praised.

I plead the blood over all your lives
I pray you feel this same love that lives inside of me
Lord wont you come
All praise be to the king of glory whose name is Yahweh the lord strong and mighty!

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