In Awe of You is one of the heart touching songs from Jesus Culture's latest album Unstoppable Love sung by Kim Walker Smith. This new album from Jesus Culture band was recorded live during Jesus Culture's annual Encounter Conference held Jan. 2014 in Sacramento at California's historic Memorial Auditorium. 

In Awe of You
Jesus Culture Unstoppable Love 2014
Key -B Tempo - 72BPM

Verse 1

What do you say when you?re lost for words
E                                     B             F#
It all falls short and so I stand in awe, stand in awe of You
G#m                    E                         B             F#
Melodies come and go, You remain, so I stand in awe, Stand in awe of You


     E                   G#m
You reign forever, And hold me together
     B                F#
And come whatever, You love me
     E                  G#m
You reign forever, And hold me together
     B                 F#
So come whatever, I love You

Verse 2

What do you do when God forgives
And gives His life so You can live in awe
We live in awe of You
Melodies come and go
You remain, so we stand in awe
Stand in awe of You


E      B        F#           G#m
Holy, holy, we lift up holy hands
               E            B        F#   G#m
All for Your praise, Your honor and glo - ry

Chorus 2
        E                G#m
I?ll sing forever, I?ll sing forever
        B                F#
I?ll sing forever, I love You

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