Worship Central is an international movement of worshippers with a vision to encounter God, equip the worshipper and empower the local church. Taken from the album Set Apart this video is the live recording for the song Stand Up. Another wonderful worship song written and lead by the very talented Luke Hellebronth from HTB church. 

Verse 1:
F           C                   Am
With history behind us, destiny before us
Every heart is bowed down
F              C                   Am
From the field of battle into greater blessing
Nothing left to fear now
 F                  C
When we don't know what to do, what to do
 Am                  G
Our eyes will be fixed on you, fixed on you
C                  F
Stand up, everybody stand up
 Am                G
Come on lift your eyes up, see the King
C                 F
Our God such a mighty fortress
 Am                 G
You are with us, for us, Jesus our King
Verse 2:
F              C              Am
Moving on united, we are your revival
Every life is sold out
F                  Dm                  Am
Running with your vision, seeing heaven break in
People of your presence
F      G        Am
Our faith is in You
 G/B         C
The battle is yours
The battle is yours
© 2013 Luke Hellebronth and Nick Herbert

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