Hunter Thompson is a songwriter and worship leader at Bethel Church and with Bethel Music. His well-known song “My Dear”, featured on The Loft Sessions,was penned during Hunter’s second year at BSSM, and was written for his classmates in light of their corporate journey.

Intro: G Em D Bm F#m

Verse 1
G           Em
My eyes have now been fixed
D           Bm              F#m
My heart has now been set on love
G           Em
I’ve turned my gaze to this
D           Bm             F#m                 A
The One whom which my soul cries out for

Instrumental G Em Bm D F#m

Verse 2:
There is none I’ve known
That holds my heart as You do now
I’ve made for you a home
A place where love can grow and be found

Chorus (x2)
Bm      G      D
Draw to me Jesus
Em        G      Bm         D
I’ve made my heart a home
Em     G        D
My love is Jesus
Bm      G         D
My love is You alone

G      Em        Bm          D
It will not, it will never be enough
F#m            G
Just to know about You Jesus but never call You my own
Em                      D
For my, my heart was made for love
I can’t live without You Jesus

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