With the release of their new record, Unspoken has found a place of new freedom to push the boundaries of their trademark sound, mixing in horns and electronic elements in fresh ways without altering the core of their musical identity. Follow Through evidences a forward leap of artistic evolution from the last record, blending hip hop, soul, pop and folk influences to tell the story of the season of life the band members have found themselves in over the last couple of years. Enjoy the new music and sing along with this new performance video for "Miracle."

Presented by Compassion International and Museum of the Bible, Unspoken will be featured on Casting Crowns' "The Very Next Thing" Tour this spring featuring Danny Gokey. The 40-city arena tour kicks off Feb. 16, in Baltimore and will make stops in markets like Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Orlando, Tampa, Grand Rapids, Minneapolis, Houston, and many more before wrapping up in San Antonio on May 7.

Have you stopped reaching?
 No longer seeking greater things
 Have you forgotten you have a father listening?
 He tells the sun when to rise
 Gives the wind it's breath
 Swings a door wide open and moves in a moment you least expect

 Don't you give up on a miracle, You've got to speak the impossible
 You've got to pray till you break through
 breaks through the ceiling keep on believing
 Don't you give up, don't you give up on a miracle

 How many chances?
 How many answers pass us by?
 You know it takes faith to step on the waves when you're terrified
 So when you're packed in a corner
 And can't wait any longer

 Feels like the presents the words you've spoken
 They go unnoticed like drops in the ocean
 Just beyond the veil of your vision
 Your mountains are moving, moving on
 Remember the works his hand has done
 Where you once were and how far you've come

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