Endlessly is a beautiful worship song written by Josh Baldwin, Bobby Strand, Joe Volk, Tom Crandall for Bethel musics latest album The War is Over. The War is Over, the debut solo album from worship leader and songwriter Josh Baldwin. The War is Over marks Baldwin’s first release with Bethel Music and his third career release following his last album Rivers (2014). In 2015, Josh and his family made the cross-country move from North Carolina to California, and this project reflects synonymous themes of taking an appointed journey into the unknown, motivated by the hope of promises that lie ahead.

“It’s already been done, you can’t add to His blood.” - Josh Baldwin​. His blood covered all sin & shame. It was over then and it’s over now. Praying for an overwhelming sense of peace today, that you can fully rest in what He did for you. 

Verse 1
It’s already been done
You can’t add to His blood
      G#m                  E              B
It was once for all, the Father gave His Son
Forever we are changed
By the miracle of grace
        G#m                  E              B
Throughout history the Father’s light remains

G#m  E     B    F#
Praises rise endlessly
G#m  E     B    F#
We lay our lives before the King
G#m  E  
Who was, Who is
  B    F#
His love will always be
G#m  E     B    F#
The Hope for all eternity

Verse 2
We’ve only just begun
To see all of Heaven come
Every fear will bow at the Father’s perfect love
Your kingdom is at hand
And the gates of hell won’t stand
Now in victory we lift our song again

Open up the doors
       B/D#            E
We are ready, we are ready
Crying out for more
     B               E (G#m   E)
In Your presence we come alive 

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