Official acoustic video for Make Us One featuring Chris Quilala from Jesus Culture's new album, Love Has A Name. As one of the most influential faith movements in the world, Jesus Culture has been capturing the heart of a community seeking after Jesus with live albums for years. Returning this August with their 10th live album, LOVE HAS A NAME is the latest expression from Sacramento based Jesus Culture. This title will be released on August 11, 2017 but is already available for pre-order.

Verse 1:
        G                             Am
One with the Father, One with the Spirit
       F               C/E        
One with the Son of God
        G                             Am
One with our sister, One with our brother
       F               G  
One family by the blood

        FC                AmG
Make us one, Make us one
            FC                AmG
Your will be done, Make us one

Verse 2
        G                             Am
One heart with heaven, One mind connected
       F         C/E    
One body unified
        G                             Am
Bind us together, Now and forever
       F            G
Jesus be glorified

Make us one
Make us one
Your will be done
Make us one

We confess all our offenses
We confess we’ve been afraid
We repent of all the pride
Let all the hurt be washed away

For all the wars and violence
Against our enemies
Come heal our land with Your great river
Restore the family

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