Bethel Music's latest album VICTORY features 14 confident declarative songs recorded live at Bethel Church. The album is inspired by the story of King Jehoshaphat and the unlikely victory won by sending worshipers to the front lines of battle in 2 Chronicles 20:22 "As they began to sing and praise the Lord set an ambush against the men who were invading Judah and they were defeated."

The new live album from Bethel Music, Victory features fresh new songs featuring Brian and Jenn Johnson, Bethany Wohrle, Molly Skaggs, and Jonathan & Melissa Helser.

Victory is Yours is sung by Bethany Wohrle written by Brian Johnson, Ben Fielding, Matt Crocker, Reuben Morgan. You can see the official music video below.

Victory Is Yours
Written by Brian Johnson / Ben Fielding / Matt Crocker / Reuben Morgan

Verse 1
Our fight is with weapons unseen
     F#m                                            D
Your enemies crash to their knees as we rise up in worship
      F#m                     E/G#
When trials unleash like a flood
     A                                    D      Bm
The battle belongs to our God as we cry out in worship

F#m              D                        A
The victory is Yours You’re riding on the storm
   E            C#m
Your name is unfailing
F#m              D                        A
Though kingdoms rise and fall Your throne withstands it all
       E             D
Your name is unshaken

Verse 2
What hell meant to break me has failed
    F#m                                               D
Now nothing will silence my praise I will cry out in worship
    F#m                       E/G#
The walls of the prison will shake
    A                                               D       Bm
The chain breaking King will rise to save As we cry out in worship

 D               E
You roar like thunder, nothing can tame
          F#m          C#m
A God all powerful, all powerful
 D                     E
We pull down Heaven with shouts of praise
      F#m               C#m
A God all powerful, all powerful

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