The Communion is a beautiful Song released recently by Decibel Worship. Decibel Worship is a brand-new music initiative from Joseph Prince Ministries that’s all about capturing the sound of grace and making public the name of our Lord Jesus. And The Communion is a gospel song birthed from a desire to see you have your own holy or "set apart" moments with the Lord.

As you listen to and enjoy this uplifting song, we pray it will help you behold your loving Savior with a deeper revelation of His love for you, especially when you partake of the holy Communion and receive afresh all that He has done for you at the cross.


Verse 1
Your blood, shed for me
My hope, eternity
Your grace, shown to me
Gives me life, and now I see

Your broken body is my healing
Your sinless blood gives my redemption
Your chosen suffering brings perfect life to me
Lord Your sacrifice has made me whole
Through the cross I am forever Yours

Verse 2
Your love, poured on me
With the oil of Your spirit
The anointing, breaking fear
I’m alive, I am free

This is a holy moment with You
I open my heart to all You wanna do
I still my soul to remember the cross
Where You took all my shame and restored all I lost
Where you took all my shame and restored all I lost

Words & Music by Michael Davis

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