David Herzog is a well-known Christian author, speaker, and revivalist. He is known for his ministry focused on experiencing the tangible presence of God and walking in supernatural breakthrough. Herzog travels internationally, speaking at conferences, churches, and revival meetings

He has authored several books, including "Glory Invasion," "Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled," and "Living in the Glory Every Day." His teachings often emphasize the concepts of accessing heavenly realms, activating the supernatural, and experiencing God's tangible glory.

David Herzog's ministry is associated with signs, wonders, and miracles, and he is known for his emphasis on healing and the supernatural manifestations of God's power. His teachings often encourage believers to pursue a deeper relationship with God and to step into their spiritual destiny.

It's important to note that while David Herzog is a recognized figure within certain Christian circles, opinions on his ministry and teachings may vary among individuals and denominations.

David Herzog is the founders of David Herzog Ministries. He is also president of Sedona Naturals LLC and DHM. A motivational speaker, life coach, health business owner, and nutrition coach, he is also the author of several best-selling books. He and his wife, Stephanie, live in Sedona, Arizona, and he can often be seen appearing on numerous television interviews and cohosting television shows.

David Herzog is a man who had a "Saul of Tarsus experience" to explain the dynamics of the invisible world. Miracles are normal when we live in God's Kingdom.

He operates in the glory, prophetic, revelatory, apostolic training, and evangelistic realms as creative miracles, signs, and wonders flow. He ministers in conferences, crusades, and revivals worldwide. David has authored several books and often appears on nationwide television. His program The Glory Zone is broadcast worldwide. David, Stephanie, and their three daughters live in Sedona, Arizona.

His passion is to live in the Presence and Glory of God through intimacy with God in the Holy Spirit, to equip believers to do the greater works and to bring the gospel to as many souls as possible in every nation of the world.

Dr. David Herzog has been in full time ministry for over 25 years since 1991 and had lived in the U.S as well as in France with his family as missionaries. Both David and his wife are graduates of Christ For the Nations Institute (since 1992) with an Associate of Practical Theology Degree and in 2014 David received his Doctorate. (David also has a masters degree) During that time they have ministered in over 50 nations and held both large evangelistic campaigns as well as hosting and speaking in conferences, churches, seminars, stadiums and outreaches seeing incredible healings, miracles and deliverances confirming the Gospel message.

Dr. David and Stephanie have had multiple opportunities to counsel and pray with Presidents and Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers and other government leaders as well as those in the media and entertainment industry.

For several years they hosted a TV Show called, “The Glory Zone” and have appeared on numerous television interviews both Christian and Secular. David is the author of 8 books including “Glory Invasion” and Stephanie is the author of “God is your Matchmaker” and they are the founders of DHM.

SPREADING THE GREATER GLORY IS how they live their life, through ministering in stadiums, conferences, revivals and outreaches all over the world in every continent.

David Herzog's Ministry

David Herzog's ministry is characterized by a passionate pursuit of experiencing the tangible presence of God and walking in supernatural breakthrough. With a global reach, Herzog travels extensively, speaking at conferences, churches, and revival meetings, imparting his teachings and stirring believers to encounter the glory of God in their lives.

At the heart of David Herzog's ministry is a focus on activating the supernatural and accessing heavenly realms. He teaches believers how to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit, leading to transformative encounters and life-altering experiences. Through his dynamic preaching and teaching style, Herzog encourages individuals to step into their spiritual destiny and embrace the fullness of God's presence.

One of the key aspects of David Herzog's ministry is his emphasis on the glory of God. He teaches that the glory of God is not merely a theoretical concept but a tangible reality that can be experienced. According to Herzog, the glory of God carries supernatural power, including physical and emotional healing, financial breakthrough, and creative miracles. His teachings inspire believers to pursue a lifestyle of hosting God's glory, enabling them to release it into their spheres of influence.

David Herzog has authored several books that explore these themes in greater detail. His writings, such as "Glory Invasion" and "Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled," provide practical insights and spiritual principles for encountering the glory of God. Through his books, Herzog guides readers into deeper revelations of God's presence and imparts keys to living in the glory on a daily basis.

One distinctive feature of David Herzog's ministry is the emphasis on the supernatural manifestations of God's power. He has been known to witness and minister in settings where notable signs, wonders, and miracles occur. Healings, deliverances, and encounters with the presence of God are often reported during his meetings, creating an atmosphere of faith and expectation.

It is worth noting that while David Herzog's ministry has inspired and impacted many individuals, perspectives on his teachings and practices may differ among individuals and denominations within the Christian faith. As with any ministry, discernment and personal conviction are encouraged when engaging with his teachings or attending his events.

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