As the origin of Santa Claus has no perfect information Christmas tree also does not have any perfect prior information regarding its origin. Though it not biblical in origin many Christians use it as a decorative piece in their homes and churches. As soon as December second week begins many people decorate their houses with a Christmas tree and continue to keep until new year day. This is just a religious tradition but not a mandatory custom. But even then many people think, it brings the feel of Christmas and it also gives attraction when church people visit their houses during carols.

Even many greeting cards are printed with a Christmas tree. Usage of original trees are a bit dangerous for the environment so artificial trees are also manufactures and sold with different heights and models. The market during Christmas season i.e almost entire December month will generate highest sales in market turnover compared to any other month of a year. Below are few of the original, artificial, and painted Christmas tree wallpapers for your desktop, mobile phone's, iPhone's etc.

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