This song is written by Misty Edwards and is sung by Kim Walker-Smith a team member of Jesus Culture. This song is included in their album Consumed. Few of her famous songs also include Where You go I go, How He loves us, I love your presence etc. She also gives nice teachings on worship for the worship school students of Bethel Church every year.

        F2           C
Oh Lord bless me and keep me
Gsus4       G       Am
Cause Your face to shine on me
         F2                               C
Lord be gracious; lift the light of Your countenance
Gsus4    G
Give me peace

    Dm     Am    Gsus4          G   Gsus4       G
For I live only to see Your face, so shine on me
    Dm     Am    Gsus4          G   Gsus4        G
For I live only to see Your face, so shine on me

         Dm                      Am
Let the light of Your face shine down on my heart
  Gsus4  G   Gsus4  G
And let  me  feel   it

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