Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua usually called as T. B. Joshua is not an unknown name. This man of God is always talked of his exact confirmations of prophesies. He is a Seer and a spiritual mentor for many people who love to know the ways of God. Even he is referred for advices by many politicians of Nigeria. As Smith Wigglesworth was not loved, many also do hate this man of God. But his focus on Jesus has always made him to see the supernatural into being. His way of deliverance his way of healing people even made many people to criticize. 

Prophet+TB+JoshuaSynagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is one of the masterpiece is Nigeria where brother conducts his services. And we can see people from all over the world which reminds me of Bro.Kenneth e Hagin's ministries. His prophecies often remain so accurate that people do get astonished by the way this man reveals it to them.

You will begin to succeed with your life when the pains and problems of others begins to matter to you is well said by brother. His journey to reach this position had to pass through some hard times and persecutions. He says however clever or intelligent you are, in University of god their is no double promotion you need to take every course. He had a privileged to share his testimony in one of his services in Synagogue. Below are the download links of Prophet T.B.Joshua's Testimony download it and join them with HJSplit.

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