Brother_shyam_kishore_jcnmBrother Shyam Kishore is not an unknown name in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. He is a powerful man of God who stated his ministry by quoting "practicing Apostle doctrine". He founded a ministry named Jesus Christ of Nazareth Ministries which in short is termed as JCNM. People almost flood the function halls during his Sunday service. Glory be to God for raising such a good pastor during these end times. As far as I remember this man of God used to deliver rapture messages during initial stages of starting his ministry.

My blog has a link to sermons which were preached by brother and few of the older sermons which have been removed in their site are being provided in my blog and I will be posting some more very soon. His way of imparting the revelation of Lord Jesus Christ is really awesome. I have been closely following his sermons as soon as they are posted in their official website. I have also been experiencing the levels through which this man of God started to go from Glory to Glory, Truth to Truth. I have provided a download link of brothers testimony of how he came to know Lord Jesus as his Savior. 

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  1. im member of JCNM since 2yrs really renewed out from religious traditions and transformed my self from LAW to GRACE

  2. Same here... My Exodus too has begun, from LAW to GRACE...Awesome revelations through Bro. Shyam Kishore. All glory to God Almighty for taking us from glory to glory.


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