John G Lake was a powerful minister of 18th century who has a unique anointing of healing. He was born March 18, 1870 at St. Mary's, Ontario, Canada. He was famous for starting Healing rooms in Spokane in which nearly 1 lakh healing were recorded in just 5 years. 

He was once driven by serious sickness among several of his family members and friends. He then took the aid of Alexander Dowie who had healing gift and everyone was healed. When it came to his wife, she was almost near death bed, John out of his faith given by Holy Spirit  marched into the bed room and declared to the seen and unseen that his wife would be healed exactly 9:30 A.M. At 9:30 he knelt beside her bed and called the living God. The power of God came upon his wife from head to foot. His wife cried out "Praise God, I'm healed!"

He learned to follow the divine timing of Heaven, He spoke in other tongues often and believed that a lesser degree of infilling could not qualify as the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Wounded, sick, and weak people would line up on one side of the platform and would leave the building after they were prayed for; shouting,"God has healed me!". I have read about him in God's Generals written by Roberts Liardon. I collected one of his e-book for which I have given the download link below download it read and share it with others.

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