See His love is a nice song from We cry out sung by Kim Walker Smith. The songs from this album have travelled the world and made an incredible impact on the youth of this generation. Songs like You are faithful, How He loves us, The time has come and We cry out are posted in previous posts. This song has a very beautiful meaning in the lyrics on How Jesus loved us by dying for us on the cross. You can find lyrics and chords of the song below. If you like to buy a CD or DVD you can do so by visiting Bethel store.

Song: See His love
Artist: Kim Walker-Smith
Album: We Cry Out
Band: Jesus Culture

         F#m           E
See His love nailed onto a cross
         D                E
Perfect and blameless life given as sacrifice
         F#m            E
See Him there all in the name of love
          D              E
Broken yet glorious all for the sake of us

    F#m           D
This is Jesus in His glory
    E     C#        C#7
King of heaven dying for me
        F#m           D
It is finished He has done it
       E          C#     C#7     F#m
Death is beaten Heaven beckons me
       F#m           E
Greater love no one could ever show
        D               E
Mercy so undeserved freedom I should not know
        F#m            E
All my sin all of my hidden shame
        D                E
Died with Him on the cross eternity won for us

    F#m          E/G#
Such love such love
     C#m           D
Such love is this for me (repeat)

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