Beautiful is a song from Jesus Culture album Your Love Never Fails, sung by Melissa How. Your Love Never Fails album is recorded live during Jesus Culture Conference in Redding, California. This album also features some of the worship songs like King of Glory by Melissa How and Where You Go I Go by Kim Walker which are all always in the hearts of many people. 

Lyrics and Chords of Beautiful
Singer: Melissa How
Album: Your Love Never Fails
Band: Jesus Culture

 D                G
I need you like the rain
 D                G
Come to me and sing again
 D                G
I long for your love so much
 D                G
I've wanted your pure touch

  Bm        A      G
You are beautiful, beautiful
            Bm     A
You are beautiful, beautiful
  G     D G D G (1 vez)
So beautiful
             D G (2x) Bm A D G D G ...Hallelujah

  D            G
I need you to be here
  D            G
Come to me I can feel you near
  D            G
I love you, you are my hope
  D            G
You love me as your own

You are beautiful oh God
We worship your beauty today oh God
There is no one like the Lord
There is no one who's beauty is like yours
We worship you yeah


We worship you oh God
There is no one like you Lord
No one is as beautiful as you

We will sing

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