Mighty Breath of God (Jesus Culture) - Chris Quilala (Lyrics + Chords)

Mighty Breath of God is song from Come Away Album sung by Chris Quilala. You can also view Come Away, You are my passion, Let it rain, Freedom Reigns which are also from the same album. If you want to buy this album you can visit the official Jesus Culture website.

Lyrics and Chords of Mighty Breath of God
Album: Come Away (2010)
Singer: Chris Quilala

D2          C
Blow mighty breath of God
G    A2        D2
Move upon this place
D2       C
Blow mighty breath of God
G            A2         D2
Wont you come in power and grace

Verse 1:
C           G           D2
Streams of mercy flowing down
C         G     D2
Light of heaven all around
Em C  G  A2
Falling to the ground

Verse 2:
Spirit fire fan the flame
Passion for Your Holy Name
Burning everything

Bridge 1:
Let Your wind blow
Let Your fire fall

Bridge 2:
Let Your wind blow, wind blow
Let Your fire fall, fire fall

Bridge 1

Blow mighty breath of God
Move upon this place
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