My Romance is an awesome song sung by Melissa Wise for We Cry Out a Jesus Culture Album. I really love the words "You and I romance".You can also view We Cry OutHow He loves UsAll I need is You and Time has come which are also from the same album.

Lyrics and Chords of My Romance
Singer - Melissa Wise
Album - We Cry Out, 2007(
Jesus Culture Music)

 A                      D                    F#m
Look at the way the flowers bloom for you, 
 F#m     E/G#              A            E/G#
they want to show you their beauty, Lord
 A                  D
Running waters dance, 
You and I romance

              E/G#    D         A
Unto You, be all the glory (x2)

Angels dance around You 
The earth it sings about You
Open up the heavens, Lord, 
                  E/G#             A
Let your kingdom come to earth

My praises all surround You
My soul can't dance without You
Open up the heavens Lord 
                  E/G#             A
Let your kingdom come to earth

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