Katie was born and raised in Mobile AL with her four siblings and parents, Himmie and Gerrit. With her father being involved in the start up of then Hosanna! Integrity Music, she found herself constantly surrounded by all things worship, from new songs being written to worship leaders in and out of the house, to travelling with her dad for conferences and speaking engagements. 

In high school, her family made the move to Nashville and she became more and more involved with leading worship and singing. Her first "gig" was at a Christian camp called JH Ranch in N. California, where she led worship with Aaron Keyes.t wasn't until she was in graduate school for counselling/psychology that she started writing her own songs and recording them."My brother-in-law and producer John Hartley forced me to write all my own songs which was an interesting, frustrating process I embraced, fumbling around cluelessly on guitar and spending countless hours digging deep for lyrics. But for it, I am eternally grateful." 

All who thirst come to the waters
Leave your barren land
Forget the past and look ahead
Hear the words that satisfy
That your soul may live
Such faithful love He longs to give

We will bless the Lord and we will be led forth
There’s nothing you can’t do
There’s nothing you can’t do oh Lord
We will sing Your praise
On You we fix our gaze
There’s nothing you can’t do
There’s nothing you can’t do oh Lord
Run no more to dust and ashes
Bring your heavy heart
Come to the table of the Lord
Taste the goodness of His mercy
The perfect One poured out
Creation sings for Your renown

All blessing all honor all glory Yours
All power all wisdom forevermore  (x2)

Katie Gustafson
Copyright © 2011 Thankyou Music

Her heart for worship and the church reflect her own journey of healing and growing intimacy with Jesus, coming to know and believe God's goodness and desire for relationship with His children.

Katie's digital album Introducing Katie Gustafson is a collection of 7 songs that came out of a season of growing desperation for that intimacy of crying out for more and of letting go. Katie still lives in Nashville where she leads worship at churches and conferences in Nashville and beyond. You can buy her debut album by clicking the below link.

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