Steffany Frizzell is one of the Worship leader at Bethel Church, Redding, California. This song You know Me is a beautiful song which is included in The Loft Sessions released by Bethel Music. “The Loft Sessions,” is a refreshing and authentic worship experience where community and creativity collide. After refurbishing an old rustic loft, the Bethel Music team gathered friends and family for several nights of passionate worship that set the stage for this ground-breaking worship.

You Know Me
© Bethel Music
By: Steffany Frizzell, William Matthews

Bm  A        D/F#    G
You have been  and You will be
      Bm  A     D/F#    G
You have seen  and You will see
Bm   A        G
You know when I rise and when I fall
Bm      A     G
When I come or go You see it all
Bm  A          G          A
You hung the stars and you move the sea, and still You know me
D      G    D/F#    G
Whoa oh oh oh   oh oh oh  oh oh oh  You know me (repeat)
D/F# G          D/F#     G
Nothing is hidden from Your sight Wherever I go, You find me
D/F# G       D/F       G
You know every detail of my life You are God and You
don't miss a thing
Bm A G
You memorize me

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